10 Reasons to Create a Dental Portfolio!


Dental Portfolio is a set of photographs of each patient from different angles and in various positions. This photo documentation is the key feature to provide comprehensive patient care and ensure that you will create the dream smile.

So, why should you think about having one?

TOP 10 reasons why Dental Portfolio is valuable:

  1. Initial photo documentation of your patient.
  2. Analysis and treatment planning of the case.
  3. Smile design based on the correct portraits.
  4. Communication with your patient.
  5. Communication with your Team.
  6. Monitoring of the progress of the treatment.
  7. Building your showcase portfolio.
  8. Getting better thanks to the analysis of your failures and success stories.
  9. Legal documentation.
  10. Education purposes – lectures, articles, and books.

What kind of photograph is the most important in a professional portfolio? Portraits and intraoral shots have the same importance, of course. Pictures must be taken thoroughly because your patient’s documentation and planning primarily depend on them! And remember that each portfolio contains the same structure but is a different story and different patient. Keeping professional documentation gives you the possibility to repeat successes or to avoid failures.
As we all know, professional photography can’t exist without professional tools. In our Dental Portfolio basic lessons, you can learn about the best backgrounds and settings. Kris Chmielewski will also show you close-ups of the lips and intraoral photography – useful tools and how to take such pictures.

But theory is just the beginning. We need to check all of it in practice! In the next episodes, we would like to invite you to the dental office to show the real work. Cooperating with the patient isn’t always easy, but your documentation is crucial. How to work with the patient and make them comfortable? What tools should you use to take intraoral pictures if you want your patient to feel safe?

You will learn all about it from our lessons, but don’t worry if you have no access to the studio: your Portfolio can be done in your office, as well. It is all about knowledge, experience, and smart tips. And we’re giving it all to you. 

So, what are the Dental Portfolio issues we would like to talk about?

  • First, theory. All about types of shots, tools, and reasons to keep professional documentation
  • Second, Dental Portfolio in Studio. Portraits, close-ups of the Lips, and Intraoral Photography in Practice. What and whom do you need to help you?
  • Third, Dental Portfolio in Your Office. Is it Possible? Of course! You just need to know a few things.

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