2 Months of Free Creative Cloud from Adobe: Is It True?

Adobe COVID 19

Among all the news regarding changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you may also see the one about a new, free option for Adobe Creavite Cloud users. Is it true?

As you may read in various places, Adobe quickly responds to widespread school closures amid coronavirus pandemic by offering students free access to its Creative Cloud.

The company hasn’t announced this promotion anywhere, and this seems to be a problem.

It is rumoured that the Adobe’s goal is to keep the subscribers from leaving the company’s serivces.

Unfortunately, it is not clear who is able to benefit from this special offer. Adobe’s algorithm is a secret and the only way to check it is to go through the steps below.

How to get 2 months of Free Creative Cloud from Adobe?

1. Log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud Account by clicking here
2. Start to “cancel” your creative cloud plan. Don’t worry though, you’re not actually going to cancel

  • Dental Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Free-For-2-Months-1-Edit
    Click the Cancel Plan link on your account overview page
  • Start making your way through the cancellation steps. Once you’ve clicked Cancel, you’ll have to go through some verification steps and questions to confirm that you really want to cancel. Don’t worry, these won’t actually cancel your account on you. cancellation.Dental-Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Free-For-2-Months-2-1600x1326
    Confirm your reasons for wanting to cancel to get to the next step
  • Next you’ll be presented with an offer, which you definitely want to accept! Adobe, like any business, never wants to see you go, so on this step you _should_ be shown the offer shown below to get the next 2 months of your subscription for free! Simply click the Accept Offer link. of your plan for free. Click “Accept Offer”.Dental -Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Free-For-2-Months-3
    Don’t worry, there’s another step where you’ll be presented the offer for 2 months free!Dental-Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Free-For-2-Months-4
    Once you’re shown the offers screen, select the Accept Offer to get the next 2 months credited on your account.
  • And that’s it! You’ve just saved yourself a little bit of financial stress in these trying times and landed 2 months of your Creative Cloud Subscription for free thanks to Adobe! The following screen should now show you that you’ve been given a free credit for the next 60 days (showing your savings).
  • Dental-Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Free-For-2-Months-5Let us know if you were able to launch the free plan.

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