Nikon FTZ mountadapter Nikon FTZ mountadapter

Nikon is giving its FTZ mount adapter for free now!

NIKON goes ahead expectations with its FTZ mount adapter   This is great news for all of us, dental photographers. From now on, Nikon’s FTZ mount adapter will be included for free with the purchase of all Z6 and Z7 cameras in the United States.   Previously, it costed around $250 when bought on its […]

Lexar Lexar

Memory monster! Lexar’s new 1TB card available

LEXAR 1TB – THIS CARD LOOKS IMPRESSIVE, AND WE DON’T MEAN JUST ITS CAPACITY. Bigger and bigger photos, video in 4K – these changes need new solutions, like fast cards with bigger capacities. But if safety is important for you as well, this new card will be your best friend.          LEXAR IS BACK ON […]