7Artisans 60 mm f/2.8 APS-C: New, affordable macro lens for mirrorless cameras


7Artisans 60 mm f/2.8: Who should be interested?

If you’re a mirrorless cameras fan looking currently for a low-budget lens, this news is for you. We’ve found a great option for anyone who wants to start a dental photography adventure.

You’ve probably known the Chinese company for its outstanding, low prices. The optical quality might not be the highest, but their products are definitely sufficient for beginners in dental photography.

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The cheapest macro on the market: How does it work?

  • 7Artisans 60 mm f/2.8 is created for cameras with the APS-C matrix, so it gives the equivalent of 90 mm focal length
  • with minimal distance of sharpening (26 cm) it gives us the maximum magnification, 1:1
  • the optical system is based on 8 elements in 7 groups and has a diaphragm with 10 aperture blades, which we can close to f/16
  • the lens is made of metal with a stepless aperture adjustment ring; it will be helpful for those who like to focus manually while taking photographs of the interior of the mouth and while filming
  • the producer provides an extra sleeve to put on the lens: thanks to this, the front element will remain clean
  • the lens is quite small: 66 x 55 mm, but also rather heavy: it weighs 550 g


Let’s have a look at some example photographs. The producer didn’t share them in high resolution, but we must say: the quality seems to be just fine.

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The exhaustive list of available mounts and corresponding sensor sizes means that the lens will possess a different effective focal length, depending on which system you use:

Canon RF – 60mm
Nikon Z – 60mm
Leica L – 60mm
Sony E – 90mm
Fujifilm X – 90mm
Canon M – 96mm
Micro Four Thirds – 120mm


Price and availability

As said before, the 7Artisans products are usually available at a really good price. This macro lens confirms this opinion: it costs only 179 Euro. Even if it won’t provide the highest image quality, it’s worth to give it a chance.


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