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Definitely a beautiful educational project that will help colleagues to perform even greater photography.

Dr. Christian Coachman / Sao Paulo / Brasil

Great place to learn dental photography!
All you neet to know in one place.

Dr. Howard Gluckman / Cape Town / RPA

Straight forward, advanced and professional photography in an easy to learn format.

Dr. med. dent. Alessandro Devigus
/ Buelach / Switzerland

You will not only learn the perfect technique but
you will also be inspired by the passion
exhibited by Dr. Chmielewski and the other Tutors
for this wonderful tool Photography.

Christian Haase
Managing Director Quintessence Publishing
/ Berlin / Germany

All that I learned about Dental Photography is from Dr. Kris Chmielewski. To have now such opportunity for everyone with "online learning" is the biggest chance to improve the quality of the photo documentation and presentations”.

Dr. Orcan Yüksel
/ Frankfurt / Germany

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