Attention all Nikon Z6 or Z7 owners. Important news from Nikon!


Stabilization system may not work properly. The producer announces a free recall

D5, D500 and D750 were flawless and for a minute we thought that Nikon has solved its problems and knows how to avoid manufacturing defects, so common in the past. Unfortunately, the nightmare is back, and it’s attached to company’s key products, the mirrorless full frame Z6 and Z7. What’s more, the news comes just one day after the newest update has been released.

The stabilization is not able to use its possibilites, Nikon says

“We have noticed that the reduction of vibrations doesn’t work properly in some of our Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. We will repair them for free” – says the producer.

As Nikon doesn’t explain exactly what does this defect mean for the user, we guess the problem lies in the VR mechanism. Otherwise, this could be solved with the firmware update. Nikon wouldn’t say which part of the camera may be out-of-order. Instead, the producer has prepared a special search engine for Z6 and Z7 owners.

How can I check if my Nikon is broken and what should I do next?

First of all, you should use the search engine on the official Nikon’s website. If your camera shows up as the one with this problem, you should contact the closest Nikon service point. Employees will check your camera and repair it, even if your warranty is expired or not valid in your region.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this matter may cause. The Nikon company will pursue the effort to avoid similar problems in the future – ensures the producer.



A screenshot of the Z7 serial number checker website.

You can find more information and the Nikon’s search engine here:





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