Black Friday 2020: Our Special Discount!


Dental Photo Master Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 must be special – let’s end this year nice!

At Dental Photo Master we like celebrating and that is why we’re starting our special offer today. Check out what is our vision of this year’s Black Friday with extraordinary discounts!

With our offer you can get your own access to our online platform with all our lessons, webinars, tips and courses. Our experts and professional guests will be here for you to help you in various issues: from studio light in dental office, through professional studio photography and finishing on camera and lenses reviews.

Please remember: at Dental Photo Master you’ll find lessons for beginners and for advanced users. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you’re already in the business: we’ve got a lot to offer!

Dental Photo Master: Our content

Dental Photography is not only Dental Portfolio or a set of specifics types of pictures. Dental Photography is also digital planning, digital smile design, e-Lab Color Transfer, texture, and other issues important for dental ceramics and dental technicians focused on the esthetic.

You’ll also learn about postproduction – how to improve your photography, how to use it, and how to be effective? How to organize your pictures, how to edit them, and which software will be the best.

We talk about studio photography:  in a professional studio (types of lights and differences between them), but we’re also showing how to create a professional studio in your dental office! How to organize it, what kind of solutions do you have, and how it will affect the results.

We’re also professional when it comes to cameras and other equipment: we’ll show you how to select it and decide: full-frame or crop factor? Which lens is the best for macro photography?

Dental Photo Master: How to get access?

As you can see, at Dental Photo Master we have it all covered! Now you can enjoy these lessons and learn from many top speakers.

We’re here for you 24/7, you only need 3 steps: register, subscribe and login to your account! We’ll find a solution for any problem. Your pictures will be as great as ever!

We want you to join us, so don’t wait – subscribe and enjoy the content.  Let’s meet online!

Now it’s time for your move – subscribe now!



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