Bracket for dual flash. Which one to choose?

Fot.9_Dual Flash with Lumiquest

Brackets are one of the essentials for digital dental photo-documentation.

They help to position the flash heads at a distance from the lens. Brackets connect with a screw to the tripod socket at the bottom of the camera body. Different models are available with various sizes, weight, shapes and mounts for flash heads.

Fot.9_Dual Flash with Lumiquest

Before you make your decision, choosing a particular model, you should know what for you want to use it.
Indications for using the brackets:
– Color, tooth shade communication
– Texture of the front teeth
– more 3D look of the teeth
– Portraits

Companies worldwide offer a few models of brackets, which can be used in dental photo-documentation. Some of the brackets are specially designed for dental photography others are used in macro photography.

I have checked the differences between the brackets for you and here is the list with my comments. Please be aware, this is my opinion.

PhotoMed R2 Dual Point Flash Bracket – made in the USA

Fot.10_PhotoMed bracket[Fot.PhotoMed bracket ]

PhotoMed is a worldwide leader. The R2 Bracket is available in two different flash mounts: Nikon (R2-N) and Universal (R2-U).
R2-N adopts only Nikon SB-R200 flash heads (part of R1C1 Nikon system).
R2-U is universal and will accept every flash head with a shoe foot (Canon 270EX II, Nissin i40).

selection of different models, sizes, and mounts, high-quality finish, light weight – especially the classic model. Ball attachments and wider arms increase the weight of the set. Materials: black anodized aluminum, plastic Worldwide deliveries. Orders outside the US require direct email contact with the shop. The fixing screw, connecting the bracket to the camera (tripod socket) needs secure fixation to avoid movement of the bracket.

Available models:

PhotoMed R2 Dual Point Flash Bracket (original)
Max span: 22”/ 55cm
Weight: 8 oz. / 225g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 279$

PhotoMed R2 – Wide Bracket
Max span: 29”/ 73cm
Weight: 10 oz. / 285g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 319$

PhotoMed R2 – Ballhead Bracket
Max span: 24”/ 61cm
Weight: 13 oz. / 370g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 319$



Agno’s brackets – made in Italy

Fot.11_Agnos Bracket[Fot.Agno’s Bracket Albatros ]

The company offers two models: Scorpion (basic, shorter arms) and Albatross, with longer arms.
Characteristic: The advantage is that you can easily upgrade your bracket from Scorpion to Albatross by attaching extension arms. The company offers an additional bracket element, “bracket upper”, for big-sized (albo bigger) DSLR cameras or for cameras with battery packs attached. Good price.
Arms are connected and tightened with regular screws with knobs for easy assembly, but they get loose easily after manipulation with the arms and need tightening more often.

Bracket Specification:

Medical Close-Up Bracket “Scorpion.”
Max span: 28cm
Weight: 400g without vertical arm – 550g with vertical arm
Mount: Nikon SB-R200 and universal
Price: 125Euro



Owl bracket – made in Turkey

Fot.12_Owlbracket[Fot.Owlbracket Classic ]

The company offers three models: Classic, Large, and Ballhead.

Characteristic: beautiful design and excellent quality, very stable connection, a high-quality pouch for storing is available. Printed marks allow easy setup of arms and their angulations. Lightweight. Special edition upon request – with name, different colors and mounts are available.
You can experience some difficulties with an online purchase.

Bracket Specification:
Owl Bracket Classic (Owlbrckt® C);
Max span: 55cm
Weight: 236g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 300$

Owl Bracket Large (Owlbrckt® L);
Max span: 75cm
Weight: 276g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 350$

Owl Bracket Ballhead (Owlbrckt® BH);
Max span: 60cm
Weight: 324g
Mount: Nikon or Universal
Price: 350$



Novoflex Duo Flash Holder (XXL-Halter)- made in Germany

Fot.13_NOVOFLEX bracket[Fot. Novoflex Duo Flash Holder Bracket ]

Brackets offered by Novoflex are for general use, with some models dedicated to macro photography. Two models, which can be used in digital dental photography, were offered. One is available on the second-hand market only: Novoflex Uniset with adjustable rods and ball heads with shoe adapter. The second one, smaller, is available in sales today: Novoflex Duo Flash Holder

Characteristic: simple design and easy setup. Limited span in Duo Flash Holder to 36cm.

Novoflex Duo Flash Holder details:
Max span: 36cm
Weight: 370g
Price: 263$


A bracket is an additional piece of equipment, dedicated to using in combination with dual flash.
The primary indications for use are correct flash heads positioning for color transfer and achieving dental photographs showing the texture of the teeth and soft tissue.

Dental Photo Master recommends:
Dual flash bracket – for prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, front teeth,
Ring flash – regular case documentation, surgery,

If you are a subscribed user of Dental Photo Master online platform you can watch video lessons related to brackets:
Nikon R1C1 with bracket
Canon MT-24 EX with bracket
Canon Speedlite 270 EXII with bracket

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  1. hi, thanks for the good informations, but i would like to know if there is any other alternative and cheaper bracket that will accept a flash head with a shoe foot?

    1. Kris Chmielewski says:

      Hi, the most common and reliable brackets I included in this article. However I will check it for you…

      1. Thanks. it’s very nice!

      2. Why would you like to use different brackets?. Becuase for me I think all of them do the same job

  2. Hello thanks for excellent review.
    Whick bracket system do you prefer?

    1. Kris Chmielewski says:

      Hi, I personally use two brackets: PhotoMed and Owl but I also start to use the new: “axis” bracket developed by Sascha Hein.

  3. Ярослав Соломійчук says:

    Hi! Will the Novoflex Duo work with Nikon D610, D3200 and Nikkor 105mm 2.8? I’m afraid the blue ring will interfere with the lens. Thank you!

    1. Kris Chmielewski says:

      Hi, Jaroslaw, the Novoflex Duo will work with mentioned cameras. No doubt. The bracket has two “blue rings”. One is used to mount the bracket to the camera body, using tripod socket. The second one in the front is used to move the ball heads with the rods along the long axis of the lens. It’s very easy to use.