Canon confirms it once again: DSLRs aren’t dead!


DSLRs aren’t dead!

You may expect it year after year but hold your horses. If we weren’t sure until now, now we are, because Canon says it without any doubt: DLSRs are alive and they’re fine and you can work with them as a dental photographer. 

Canon still accounts for a third of the entire camera market, with as many as 1.8 million digital SLRs being sold last year! And of course, Canon sells more than anyone else.


Why would anyone think that this is the end of the DSLR era? Well, there were no new models shown during the last CP+ event. But there’s an easy explanation to that.

“CP+ is a place to present new products, and that’s why you won’t see many DSLRs this year. All companies are of course focusing on hybrids. But SLRs still represent 30% of global sales. That means there’s always demand for this range – and most DSLRs sold globally are made by Canon.

“There is also a high volume of lenses that are still intended for the DSLR ecosystem. We do not envisage a sudden end to SLRs, nor an instant switch to hybrids. Sure, there will likely be a gradual decline, but the demand is still there. – says Go Tokura, general manager of Canon’s Imaging Division.

Interestingly, as we can see, Canon distinguishes three camera types at the moment: mirrorless, hybrid and DSLRs. And the latter is still hanging in there.

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