Canon EOS R1 in Development: First Rumors & Details

canon r1

Canon EOS R1: What should we expect?

Various online sources confirm: Canon EOS R1 has indeed been in development. The camera will presumably be the company’s flagship body just as the EOS 1D line was in Canon’s DSLR stable.

So, what do we know?

  • The camera is said to not have any one specialty but will rather excel at all specialties, much like what Canon’s 5D series of DSLRs aimed to do by being accessible enough for amateurs yet powerful enough for professionals.
  • The camera will undoubtedly boast more features than the 5D line to work for professionals in ways 5D cameras were never designed to.
  • other features and specs being mentioned include 45+ megapixels, 8K video recording at various framerates, and a price somewhere north of the R3’s $5,999.

As Canon Rumors say, Canon will continue its recent process of refining in-development cameras based on feedback from photographers.

A source tells Canon Rumors that the R1 will be a “jack of all trades, and a master of none. Except that it will be a master of everything.” That’s a bold statement, right?

It looks like the end of 2021 is full of interesting novelties, like Nikon z9. We will keep you posted!


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