Canon EOS R3: New Specs and Details Revealed!


Canon EOS R3: Features, Photos and Availability

We’ve just informed you about the new EOS R3, top new class camera, and now we can show you even more!

While Canon still has not revealed pricing or availability for the camera, it has published new information on how the camera can be expected to function. Moreover, the company published a set of images of the camera with and without RF lenses attached: what do you think about it?

But what is important to us? Of course, its features that can be useful in dental photography. Let’s take a look.

As for the EOS R3’s features, here is all we know:

  • the R3 will offer what Canon is describing as “enhanced autofocus performance” and tracking capabilities that are bolstered by Deep Learning technology – this new feature will make it ideal for photographers who are attempting to photograph fast-moving motorsports: that sounds interesting!
  • the camera will be able to operate its autofocus in extremely low lighting conditions down to EV -7: we like it because of intraoral photography! Taking intraoral photos with flashlights, but without model light, was really hard; that is why we always recommended manual AF. It seems like  this new feature will change a lot!
  • the camera also will have up to eight stops of image stabilization through a combination of on-sensor stabilization and optical stabilization with RF lenses that feature optical image stabilization: perfect for dental photographers working with continous light! Thanks to this feature they won’t be limited with short shutter speed and they won’t need to worry about blurred photos. Using lights with lower power will be more comfortable for patients and will consume less electricity – and we do like caring about environment!petapixel_R3_frontSlant_RF24-70-F2.8 petapixel_R3_frontSlant_RF70-200 petapixel_R3_frontSlant_RF600-F4
  • it will be able to shoot oversampled 4K video with Canon Log 3 support as well as record RAW video internally
  • the R3 will come outfitted with one CFexpress card slot and one SD card slot: useful for those of you who will change DSLR to R3 – you can still use your CF cards
  • it will be powered by the same LP-E19 battery that currently operates the 1DX Mark III, which means photographers who already own the company’s flagship DSLR will be easily able to swap to the R3: this battery is really long-lasting, no more everyday charging
  • the vari-angle touchscreen is making its way to a full-size, integrated vertical grip camera for the first time in Canon’s history on the R3
  • the Canon R3 will be the first digital mirrorless camera to feature Canon’s Eye-Control AF

Having said all this, Canon is still silent about the R3’s release date and/or price. We will keep you posted!

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