Canon EOS R5 Price: Prepare Yourself Before You Read It!

Canon Eos R5

We hoped for a nice surprise, but it seems like Canon has other plans.

The EOS R5, also known as a highly anticipated 2020 premiere, won’t be cheap. An Australian retailer has listed the as-yet-unreleased Canon EOS R5 on its online storefront. We’re not sure if it was accidental or a deliberate action to make some buzz, but the price is… well, see it yourself.

The page on the Camera Warehouse website claims Canon’s upcoming mirrorless marvel will cost an eye-watering AU$10,499. That translates to about $6,800/£5,550.

The price is not official yet, but taking all the camera’s features into consideration, there might be a grain of truth to this.

Either way, we’re still waiting for an equipment that looks like one of the best full-frame mirrorless cameras ever!

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