Canon Eos RP – It’s better than you think

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The new mirrorless Canon seems to be launching a totally new branch in the mirrorless world. Is it possible that this low-budget and newest camera will be the best choice for dental photography? It seems so, and I will tell you why.

 This Canon is almost flawless, so please stop looking for a catch. There is none. The price looks so good, one may think: how is it possible? Canon says honestly: the goal was to create a low-budget option for anyone who wants to step into the full- frame world. But how come it’s made so well that we can easily call it a mirrorless breakthrough?

It took me only a few seconds to know that the new Canon makes a way better impression than its specification reveal. I’m not expecting miracles and of course the EOS RP can’t give me the best of the best, but its possibilites are just enough for beginners, photographers working in a controlled environment or just as a second camera.

Canon EOS RP – not expensive, but still solid

Body is quite small – but not too small! – and light (132,5 x 85,3 x 70 mm, 485 g) and it fits my hand perfectly. It’s almost as comfortable as the EOS R from the last fall. They share some ergonomics and in my opinion, at some points, the little brother is even better than the older one.

Cnon RP2Cnon RP3


Cnon RP7Cnon RP5

The most comfortable PASM knob is back now. The smaller body makes it easier to reach with thumb the upper function knob and to control the AF button. I guess nobody would miss the touch screen from the EOS R, it wasn’t its best feature.

Apart from that the EOS RP has all the best qualities of its antecedent:

  • the Flexible Priority mode (easy switch between lens and time preselection modes and manual mode)
  • the possibility to use the RF functional ring to control the exposure parameters or selected feature
  • the C-Raw record which allows to make the files twice lighter with the same resolution
  • the best available on the market touch-control system

Another plastic toy? Not this time. The new body also has a magnesium frame (the core and the back panel are made of metal) and it is durable. I really must say that when I held the EOS RP for the first time, I had no impression that it is poorly manufactured.

What caused a little problem, was the battery. It lasts for about 250 photos, so carrying 1 or 2 spare batteries is something that I must get used to. It’s not the camera’s strongest point.

Cnon RP10 Cnon RP11

Our first conclusions

You may get the impression that I’m trying to defend this low-key option even though it cannot be compared to the opponents’ offer. But this camera was awaited by the market. Light, fast, comfortable, affordable. With full-frame, rotated screen, great touch control, and fantastic AF system. I guess this is what dental photographers need! Let’s not forget the quickly growing family of impressive system lenses and this makes a full picture.

When it comes to dental photography I’m predicting that Canon EOS RP will be the sales blockbuster in 2019. I appreciate it also for the fact it doesn’t try to pretend to be the better version of itself.

Props to the producer for creating this model – it can really make a change on the market and will surely interest fans of mirrorless cameras with the RF system. Of course, now we are only waiting for the competitors to create their versions and give us a  bigger choice. But until then – the EOS RP is the cheapest full-frame on the market and has no competition in its sector.

Cnon RP9


  • svelte and lightweight body
  • reasonable price
  • 4K video
  • fully articulating screen
  • three own settings: c1, c2, c3, perfect for dental photographers


  • the body might be too small for big RF lenses
  • weak battery
  • lack of sensor shutter known from R


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