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What you need to know about Nikon D7500?

Nikon has announced (its midrange D7500 DSLR. While its design has been slightly tweaked, the big story is the features that have been inherited from the D500. It uses the same 20.9MP APS-C sensor, Expeed 5 processor and 180k-pixel RGB metering sensor, and is capable of capturing 4K video. Nikon is keen to stress however that […]

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The first batteries designed for use in cameras and flashes.

GP ReCyko+ Pro Photo Flash: Are they worth buying? Read more and find out!    Up until now, there were no rechargeable batteries dedicated to external flashes. The GP Company decided to fill the gap, and made the GP ReCyko+ Pro Photo Flash. As the Company says: they give the shortest recharging time in between […]

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Will the Canon EOS 77D take your dental photography to the next level?

We are happy to introduce the newest camera in the Canon Electro Optical System (EOS) Series, the 77D.

Morpho-1 Morpho-1

Mitakon 20mm lens – Initial test results.

A few weeks ago I posted information about the New Super Macro Lens 4.5x.

metz-wt1 metz-wt1

The Metz WT-1 wireless TTL flash trigger.

Off-camera flash with a radio link: The new Metz WT-1 Wireless Trigger Kit expands the Metz range of accessories with a comprehensive wireless solution for Metz flash units.

8487904316 8487904316

New Super Macro Lens 4.5x

Shenyang China, Dec 19, 2016 – Zhongyi Optics (ZY Optics) has released a new compact Super Macro Lens for full-frame cameras; the Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5x Super Macro Lens, and it features a high reproduction ratio up to 4.5:1.

Fot.9_Dual Flash with Lumiquest Fot.9_Dual Flash with Lumiquest

Bracket for dual flash. Which one to choose?

A bracket is an additional piece of equipment, dedicated to using in combination with dual flash. The main indications for use are correct flash heads positioning for color transfer and achieving dental photographs showing the texture of the teeth and soft tissue.

Fot.8_Bracket 45degrees Fot.8_Bracket 45degrees

Dual flash – why should I?

Dual flash is one of the flash types designed for macro photography. There are several advantages of dual flashes. I’ll try to list them in accidental order…

Fot.5_Nikon 105 MFD Fot.5_Nikon 105 MFD

Macro lens: 60mm or 100mm? Which one is better?

With a limited budget, a 60mm lens looks attractive and it is tempting to make an extra saving to spend for a dinner with beloved ones… But please think about a lens, which will be universal. A universal macro lens allows me to take both: intraoral and portrait photographs.

Fot.2_Custom Modes Canon 80D Fot.2_Custom Modes Canon 80D

User settings – make your life easy

Quite often I get the question: Which camera should I buy for dental photography? My answer is simple: select a camera with features helpful in digital dental photography documentation. One of those is Custom/User settings option.