Color Transfer: Tools & Accessories

Color Laboratory 2

Color Transfer in Dental Photography

Matching the color by a dental technician in the mouth of the patient is not often possible. How can we measure this color and transfer it to the lab successfully?

Luckily, we’ve prepared our online training!

These are some of the topics explored  in this lesson:

  • What camera accessories are necessary for well done color transfer?
  • Why a ring flash is not the best option here?
  • Shade guides: the crucial tool in adjusting the color by you and your dental technician
  • Retractors: customized and not customized. What is the difference?
  • Contrastors: what type should we use to achieve transparency?
  • Why should you use filters in color matching?
  • Filter for fluorescent light photography: checking different light conditions

We’re pretty sure you would like to watch it now and don’t hesitate any longer!

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