Dental Photography – Flash Fundamentals

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As a dentist you will need artificial light coming from the flash each time you take a picture of your work. But there are many different types of flashes and we would like to show you all of them! We will also show you the right settings needed to achieve the best result.

The best intraoral and portrait pictures are our goal today. Dental Photography can’t exist without a proper flash, though! This is why we’d like to show you the right ones to use in your dental practice. To be honest, this is the ultimate must-have for every dental photographer: learn how to distribute the light, because this is the only way to learn how to make great photos.

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What will you learn about?

  • History and construction of a flash
  • 3 groups of flashes: the build-in flash (pop-up flash), external flash (Ring light, most popular type for Intraoral Photos, Dual Flash for Intraoral Photos, Speedlights for Portraits and Professional Studio lights for Intraoral and Portrait
  • Each flash of the above groups will be demonstrated and discussed
  • Light distribution in portrait and oral photographs

This is the ultimate guide to dental photography flashes – necessary for all dental digital photography enthusiasts!

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