Dental Photography Giants: Carlos Ayala & Portrait with Speedlight

Lips Photography Carlos Ayala

Great portraits with one good flash? We know how to do it!

Taking portraits is our bread and butter! But improving our skills is also a part of our work and we love to share the knowledge.

When it comes to working with the speedlight, Carlos Ayala is one of our best dental photography experts.

Speedlight is the best way to achieve professional dental photos without spending a fortune on an expensive lighting kit! Now you can take good looking photos in your own dental office. But is it possible to take a great picture, studio quality and creative lighting all-in-one? Let’s check!

In this online course, we’ll have the chance to learn about taking portraits with the speedlight. Carlos will talk about:

  • Taking photos with a simple setup using Speedlights
  • Different types of flashes: ring flash and regular Speedlight
  • How to use a reflector, bounced light technique, simple beauty dish, and more

Watch this online course with Carlos and get inspired by a real „Giant” in dental photography! He inspires thousands of dentists worldwide: Portrait with Speedlight

We’re still preparing new lessons. Stay tuned!

Remember: our course is waiting. Watch the interview for more info! All you need to do is to register at!

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