Dental Photography: How To Recover Accidentally Removed Data?


How to Recover Deleted Data?

In dental digital photography we take thousands of pictures and each one can be “the one”, right?

Do you know this horrible feeling, when your work, data and files are regularly lost or accidentally deleted by formatting a memory card before saving files? We wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemy, but, unfortunately, these things happen. And it’s better to be prepared.


New Tools for Dental Photographers

That is why we all should know a new data recovery tool, Data Recovery Wizard, that is also available for free. It is provided by EaseUS. This tool allows you to recover a vast range of files, whether it is audios, videos, photographs, emails, documents, or any other types of files that you have lost.

The free version will allow you to recover the same files with 2GB limit. You can also choose the paid version ($89.95 for MAC and $69.95 for WINDOWS to get unlimited data recovery, remote assistance and other features). The tool is available on both Mac and Windows devices. The way it works is that you download the stand-alone software. Then you have an option to pick a device, connected to your laptop or computer, to begin scanning. If it’s a memory card, you simply connect or plug it in as you normally would. After selecting your chosen device, a scan is performed and any available files are retrieved.

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But this is not the only tool that can help. SanDisk RescuePRO® will also help dental photographers, as it can recover a variety of file types including images, video, documents, music, and hundreds of other popular file types.

Well, this cheers us up a bit – although we’re not planning to delete any files, it’s good to know we’ve got a backup!

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