Dental Photography Post Production: Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow

Consistency is the key to success! Your post production is your signature.

What is a digital workflow in dental photography? We’re working with hundreds of photos everyday and proper documentation is the best way to keep them in order. We don’t even want to think what can happen with photos kept in a digital mess! But your order has also influenced your clinic-Lab communication: finding the right file will take a blink of an eye.

Do you need more advantages to get started? Let’s mention faster clinical protocols, lower cost materials for your clinic or repeatability of work (you can always re-print a model).

You’re not sure if you’re interested? These are some of the topics explored in this lesson:

  • Workflow: setting your camera and importing your photos to your computer
  • File transfer: types of ports, cables, cards. Transfer speeds according to USB connector type.
  • File Storage & Backup: Archiving your items, Backup devices, Tips: how to provide a solid backup of your files?
  • Organizing Images: Various ways of organizing your photos, according to date/event/type.

There are so many reasons to watch this lesson– whether you’re in it for outcomes, efficiency, patient experience, the planet, or increasing the value of your practice. Choose one of them and watch our course!

We’re pretty sure you would like to watch it now and don’t hesitate any longer!

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