Postproduction: How To Use The Presets and… a surprise!


New series Essence Collection: How to use the presets?

It’s time to hear Kris Chmielewski, our expert. He invites you to his second lesson about Postproduction in Dental Photography.

This part of the Essence Collection will have seven lessons. The second one is focused on using presets. You can use them while importing your photos to save your time and make your work more efficient!

And now it’s time for a surprise! Kris has prepared two free presets for you:

  1. 5500K White Balance, which sets the white balance on 5500K during an import
  2. Export to Presentation, which exports your photos to presentation with 2000pix and 72dpi

These are some of the topics explored by Kris in this lesson:

  • Creating your own, user presets
  • Setting the proper white balance for dental photography
  • The way to avoid importing duplicates
  • How to use your develop settings while importing the photos
  • How using personal presets can speed up your work

If you want to see it all and become a Postproduction ninja, don’t hesitate any longer to visit our online training Postproduction Essence Collection.

There will be more lessons in our Postproduction Essence Collection. Stay tuned!

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