Eye-controlled AF coming to more EOS R. But not so soon


It’s our mission as a camera manufacturer to figure out ways to make any camera system easier and more comfortable to operate. So, in terms of the eye control system, or eye-controlled focus, we intend to deploy this to various other models as well. At the same time, we’d like to improve the performance and usability. – says Canon management at the CP+ Expo in Japan.

This means we can expect the eye-controlled AF in the next EOS Rs!


For us, dental photographers, it can be a groundbreaking feature. Taking intraoral photos means adjusting the focus more and more precisely. To be honest, it takes years of practice to master such conditions. With the eye-controlled AF digital dental photography and intraoral photography will become easier and more approachable.


The feature is already available in the R3, but for a dental digital camera, it’s quite expensive. We’re really happy to hear that every dental photographer, regardless of their cameras’ price, will be able to use this feature.

We’re just hoping it will be possible sooner rather than later!

As usual, we’ll keep you posted. Stay with us for more dental photography news!



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