A New Cloud Platform from Canon what is it?

With the new service, photographers can forward their work automatically from their camera to their computer, mobile device and supported services like Google Drive. The service is free to use and stores images on Canon’s own server.

Every Canon user can register a Canon ID and then use the service to wirelessly transfer images from their supported device to Canon’s cloud platform. From there, the images can then be forwarded to other services, a computer and mobile devices. stores the uploaded original images for 30 days, after which they will be deleted from the server. What is interesting, Canon doesn’t have any restrictions on image size or the number of images that can be transferred! The company says there may be instances where uploads are restricted for ‘operational reasons’, though.

dz04OTgmaD01MjI=_src_185021-Screen-Shot-2020-02-13-at-15.13.00 a new platform to make your work easier

There is an exciting addition to the new cloud service – it enables the automatic background transfer of your images when the camera is connected to the internet. This means you can spend less time manually transferring your images and more time focusing on your shoots: this is our goal after all. However, according to Canon, only cameras released from 2020 will be capable of this. will also have dedicated PC software that will allow photographers to quickly download their shots from this hub. Canon users will also be able to sort images and share their photos directly to their social media channels or email contacts. promises to be a handy replacement to the existing Canon Image Gateway and it will launch in April 2020.

This news comes shortly after an exciting announcement from Canon about focusing on RF, not EF lenses.

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