ImagenAI: Artificial Intelligence Will Edit Your Photos


ImagenAI New Editing App

ImagenAI has announced its AI-powered photo editing desktop app for Adobe Lightroom workflows.

Its artificial intelligence’s aim is to learn your personalized editing style. In your AI profile the app analyzes each image and predicts how you will edit and apply it in a matter of seconds.

How should it be used? First, you need to teach the app your particular editing style. ImagenAI asks for 5,000 or more of your previously edited photos in a Lightroom catalog, necessary to learn your editing style. Remember: the larger the sample size provided, the more accurate a profile it can generate. The system training will take a few days, and it will inform you via e-mail about the next steps to take. Thanks to using only artificial intelligence, the app promises to work much faster than any other tool that needs the human element.

Watch this video:

The application works on both PC and Mac and is free to try for your first 1000 images. After this limit, you can choose to cancel or to sign up for the service on a $7 monthly subscription plus a “pay-per-use” fee that scales down in cost the more images you send through per month.

Will this app help dental photographers in their everyday work? As soon as we can check this, we’ll let you know!

The emergence of artificial intelligence has made itself more significant over the last few years: Adobe, Skylum and Canon have their own tools and it seems like there will be more.

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