Is the Possibility of Third-Party RF Mount Lenses Becoming a Reality in 2024?

Canon RF Mount

Canon is well aware of the requests to see third-party lenses that are equipped with autofocus, like those made by Sigma or Tamron, on its mirrorless RF mount. And it looks like the company is taking these requests seriously!

Third-Party Manufacturers Will Finally Offer RF Mount Lenses?

Interestingly, in 2022 Canon was very strict about taking this option under consideration and it was a firm “no”.

Canon believes that these products infringe their patent and design rights and has therefore requested the company to stop all activities that infringe Canon’s intellectual property rights,” the company said in September of 2022.


But time flies and today Canon remains the only major camera manufacturer to not allow third-party lens makers to produce fully supported lenses for its mirrorless cameras. There is a slight change from last year” says Go Tokura, Senior Managing Executive Officer and Deputy Head of the Imaging Group at Canon. “[Since we have] launched more than 40 lenses and our product lineup has become more versatile and based on that, our communication with the third party has been seeing more progress from last year.”


Even if we can’t call this statement a confirmation, it looks way better than the previous opinions and we’re really looking forward to this breakthrough. We’re pretty sure you’re waiting for it as much as we do and we’ll keep you posted!

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