Laowa 24 mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro – macro lens of an unusual shape.

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Laowa 24 mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro – macro lens of an unusual shape.

Venus Optics is one of the most interesting optics manufacturers from China.

Under the brand name Laowa, it intends to introduce a macro lens with a very unusual shape, which can be useful for macro photography from a discrete distance. The prototype of the lens was presented during Photokina in 2016.

This lens is intended to take wide-angle macro images.

It looks just like a pole. The lens has a focal length of 24 mm and an aperture of f/14. It is suitable for use with full-frame cameras. According to the manufacturer, the new Laowa lens, thanks to its unique shape, will allow you to get into difficult places and to photograph skittish and timid creatures. The maximum magnification of this lens is x2. Also, the lens is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Unfortunately, this type of lens has its drawbacks. Lens aperture f/14 will reduce the possibility of using it. The aperture closes down to f/40, and the minimum focusing distance is about 5 mm.

We don’t know the exact specifications of this lens, price or availability yet. The lens should be available with Canon EF, and Nikon F mounts. We are waiting for further information from the manufacturer.

Will it apply to Dental Photography? For sure no. But it may be interesting construction for other applications, like photographing shy insects.

We present some pictures from the Photokina expo, where the lens was first presented.

We can’t wait to test it for you.

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