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Lips Photography Carlos Ayala

Carlos Ayala is one of our best experts when it comes to Photography in Dentistry. But, most important, he’s our giant in Lips Photography area. Area we can easily call “artistic”! Lips Photos are a great tool to show dentist’s artistic skills and use the marketing potential of dental photography. A beautiful lip photo can be the best possible ad.  

Where can you use such photos? It’s simple. First of all, there’s no business without a proper social media account. But a proper social media account can’t exist without proper photos, right? These Art Dentistry images can be great content for everyday use and they will engage your fans!

Not to mention your colleagues who will surely admire your work at any lecture, watching these professional art photos taken in your dental office. 

Art photography in dental photography is a win-win option and you can’t miss it!

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In this episode of his online course, we’ll have the chance to learn about artistic lips photography. Carlos will talk about:

  • Specific camera settings for artistic lips photography
  • Different lights for different views and angles 
  • How to set up the lips photoshoot with limited budget
  • Face & lips photography 
  • Specific lens for macrophotography. Automatic or manual mode?
  • Lips photography with soft light

Remember: you can always register for free! All you need to do is to register at!

And if you want to know the methodology of the Digital Smile Design system, visit our new online course!

We’re still preparing new lessons. Stay tuned!

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