Meet the Giant – Dr. Panos Bazos


Equipment for dental photography is not only the camera set. There are additional instruments like light modifiers, brackets, and others, which help in creating beautiful pictures and acquiring valuable information.

Understanding light behavior gives the firm basis also in dental photography. Our special “Giant” Dr. Panaghiotis Bazos is more than the skilled and talented dentist. He is also entrepreneur and developer. He is also one of the Founding Members of Bio-Emulation Group. Some people can analyze and synthesize scientific data to create new tools. Dr. Bazos is one of them.

For dental applications, he created two exciting products: polar_eye and fluor_eye.

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We added 9 videos:

Lesson 1: Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography

1_Theory of RCP_Bazos

Lesson 2: Theory of Fluorescent Light Photography
2_Theory of FLP_Bazos
Lesson 3:
Polar_eyes – Construction & Models

3_polar_eyes constructionLesson 4: Fluor_eyes – Construction & Models

4_fluor_eyes constructionLesson 5: Photography in Dentistry – Interview
5_Interview photo in dentistry
Lesson 6: Bio-Emulation – Interview
6_Interview bioemulation
Lesson 7: Fluorescent Photography – Interview
7_Interview fluorescent
Lesson 8: Portraits Photography in Orthodontics
8_Portraits photogrphy
Lesson 9: Perioral Photography in Orthodontics
9_Perioral photogrphy

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