Mirrors in Dental Photography: Tips and Training


Mirrors in Dental Digital Photography

How can we divide the mirrors used in photographic documentation in dentistry?

Two primary divisions take into account the shape of the mirror and the material from which the light-reflecting coating is made.

The shape of the mirror allows it to be applied and placed in a specific area of ​​the mouth. Individual shapes may additionally differ in size, which allows for the comfort of work and individual adjustment of tools for a given patient. Oh, when choosing mirrors, do not forget about the handles for them. This will make it easier for you to keep the mirror in the optimal position while taking pictures.

What about coatings? Chromium, rhodium, titanium, and dielectric – these are the main and most common types. Why is it important? Each of them has the same purpose – to reflect light. However, these coatings have a different percentage of light reflectance from their surfaces. This affects the brightness of the image that we see while composing a picture in the mirror.

But caring for these mirrors can, of course, be difficult. Our expert will share with you tips on how to clean mirrors … or rather, how not to clean them, but how to keep them clean. You will also learn how to protect the mirror against fogging.

And finally, prices: what to look for when choosing mirrors?

Thanks to our experience, we can explain it in an easy way.

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