New Free Webinar: Dental Photography from Theory to Practice


New Webinar Dental Photo Master: A Free Guide To Dental Photography

Dental Photo Master is here to help you! Kris Chmielewski, a dentist specializing in esthetic dentistry and implantology with over 20 years of experience in dental photography, wants to share his knowledge with you.

This is why now you can watch our new, free (for registered users) Webinar: Dental Photography from Theory to Practice.

Kris Chmielewski will show you:

  • Digital Workflow
  • Dental Portfolio
  • Surgical Documentation
  • Prosthetic Documentation
  • Digital Smile Design Usage
  • Color Transfer & Communication with Laboratory
  • Marketing and Art Photography
  • Necessary Equipment and Accessories
  • The Best Camera Settings

Kris Chmielewski will also show you how to use this new knowledge in practice. You can visit his dental office and see him at work while taking photographs and creating a patient’s portfolio.

Now you can enjoy the first episode for free! Register for FREE now and watch the ultimate guide.

Please visit our Online Training section to watch our Webinar! 

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