Nikon Z50: Nice features and good price for a beginner in dental photography


Nikon Z50: first APS-C mirrorless Z-system camera. Is it worth to use it instead of a DSLR?

Why should the beginners take it under consideration? First of all, Z50 is small and easy to use every day and keep it in any dentist office. One of the features we like is its ability to remember individual settings.

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Unfortunately, its performance is not enough to satisfy professional dental photographers. The main disadvantage is the lack of matrix stabilization, which is essential when it comes to dental photography. What’s more, the Z50 has only one memory card slot and battery, that will last only for 300 photographs.

But, of course, this camera has some advantages. We like its magnesium frame, big and convenient grip, 3,2″ touchscreen and electronic viewer with 0,68x zoom and 2,36m resolution. The producer assures that the 209-point AF system will make us happy, especially it cooperates with the eye-tracking system.

What about the lenses?

Here is the rub. The biggest problem for professionals is the limited availability of DX lenses with Nikkor Z bayonet. Of course, one can use the adapters, but – as we all know – it’s not so comfortable. If you need a camera for professional photography, you might wait for a wider range of lenses.

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Nikon Z50 will be available in November, and its price is a really nice surprise. The body will cost $859. Very reasonable price for a beginner.

Is it the end of the DSLR?

We appreciate that Nikon refreshes its offer with this Z50. We see it as an equivalent of D7000, even though it looks as a smaller Z6 or Z7.

Nikon gives us a signal: the DSLR era is coming to an end. But is it really? Mirrorless cameras are of course smaller, lighter, more modern. But is it enough to push the good old DSLRs out of the market? After all, the optical viewfinder seems to be irreplaceable for some photographers.

How will this competition work out? Only time will tell.


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