Nikon’s leaving the DSLR market? Not so fast

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Is Nikon dropping the DSLR in favor of the mirrorless sector?

The DSLR cameras have gained recognition around the world and among photographers in various industries. Dental photography included! Everyone knows some of the immortal models, like Nikon D750, working flawlessly for many, many years. Even though the camera itself was often passed from hand to hand. 

Recent Nikon rumors made us think: will dental photographers be forced to change their habits and start using mirrorless cameras? Or is it only a premature panic?

Even though the company’s focusing on the mirrorless cameras, Nikon isn’t planning to exit the DSLR branch yet. “It is true that we are concentrating development resources on mirrorless cameras,” but “We have not decided to end or withdraw from development. to produce, sell, and support single-lens reflex cameras” says Mr. Tokunari, Nikon’s Senior Managing Exec Officer/CFO.

This confirms Nikon’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tokusei Yoshiaki announcement at the financial results briefing for the April-June 2022 period: “Nikon will continue to operate the single-lens reflex camera business. We have not decided to withdraw from development.

It looks like dental photographers can still use Nikon’s DLSRs and we shouldn’t be worried. Yet.

We’ll keep you posted as usual!


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