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Photography Fundamentals

All you need to know about the basics of photography to take great pictures and understand your equipment.

Quick Guides

Here is your fast track to learn your equipment and settings.

Dental Photography Cameras

Review of camera models, with special attentions to features and settings useful in dental photography.

Dental Photography Lenses

Review of a recommended macro lenses, which are perfect for intraoral and portrait photography in dental documentation.

Dental Photography Flashes

Ring flash, dual flash and accessories: different models, settings and applications. Learn how to setup your equipment.

Dental Photography Accessories

Mirrors, retractors and contrasters: demonstration and description of differences in between them.

Dental Portfolio

A set of photographs for analysis and planning of the dental treatment. Including theory and practice demonstrations.

Surgical Photo Documentation

This special type of documentation is demonstrated in every detail. Check how you can do it better.

Communication Color & Laboratory

Transfer of the true tooth color to the laboratory is critical. Includes cooperation with the laboratory and useful tools and accessories.

Dental Photography Hints & Tips

Learn how to keep your lens and camera clean? Discover, how to clean your equipment without the risk of damage.

Dental Photography Postproduction

Become a master in digital workflow. Learn how to organize your images and how to use dedicated software, quickly and efficiently.

Photography with Carlos Ayala Paz

How to shoot beautiful portraits, lips, a texture of the teeth and prosthetic work.

Photography with Panos Bazos

Dental photography with Co-Founder of Bio-Emulation Group. Reflective cross polarised photography with polar_eyes filter. Fluorescent light photography with fluor_eyes filter.

Dental Photography Digital Smile Design

DSD is a unique dental treatment planning tool that strengthens a dental provider’s diagnostic vision, enhances predictability, and improves communication between dental providers and their patients. A treatment plan is completely based on a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions.

Professional Studio Photography

These lessons are a true, professional guide to make your studio photography amazing. Our team will show you each aspect and piece of equipment and how does it work in practice.

Studio Light In Dental Office

It’s time to create a professional photography studio in your dental office. Tough it sounds demanding, we can show you it’s quite easy. We can show you equipment and patents for light distribution.

Dental Photography Webinars

Here you can find various Webinars about Dental Photography. From theory to practice, you will learn about all the essential and key steps to become a professional Dental Photographer!