Panos Bazos’ Lessons: Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography

Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography

Dental Photography with Panos Bazos

Dr Panos Bazos is one of our experts, especially when it comes to Reflective Cross Polarised Photography.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • The very beginning of polarization, going back to ancient times
  • The way the light propagates
  • Key techniques of polarization
  • The way it is used in medicine and why it is important for us
  • Major categories of cross polarization
  • Why does Cross Polarized Light influences Dental Photography and how can it help
  • How to set up the Polar Eyes filter
  • Areas where Cross Polarized Light can be useful, like oral pathology and orthodontics

This is only a part of Panos Bazos’ online course prepared specially for you. He will also teach about Fluorescent Photography, Perioral Photography and others.

Remember: this course is for free! All you need to do is to register at!

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We’re still preparing new lessons. Stay tuned!

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