Photography Fundamentals: Lens

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Lens in Dental Intraoral and Portrait Photography

It’s time to watch a professional dental photography course from Dental Photo Master!

Photography Fundamentals: our dental photography course is dedicated to everyone who starts an adventure with Dental Photography or Photography in general.

What lenses are the best for Intraoral Photography?

These are some of the topics explored in our dental digital photography course:

  • The Lens: how is it built? Elements, types and construction
  • Focal Length: the most important parameter
  • Macro Lenses: dedicated for dental photography
  • Marking at the top of a lens: what do they mean?
  • Threads of a lens: what do they do?
  • Focus distance window: the mechanism
  • Focusing distance range selection switch: how to use in practice?
  • Shutter release button: pressing it half-way or all the way down: differences

We’re pretty sure you would like to watch it now and don’t hesitate any longer!

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