Postproduction: How to Add a Logo to your Photos?

How to add a logo to your photos

New series Essence Collection: How to Add a Logo to your Photos?

You are proud of your work and that’s great: you should be. But you need to world to know it is yours!  Dr Kris Chmielewski will show you how to add a logo!

These are some of the topics explored by Kris:

  • Preparing a photo
  • Creating a preset with a logo
  • Adding a logo in a simple way
  • Changing the position of your logo

Our new Essence Collection gives you seven lessons. Each of them is focused on an important step of postproduction, like importing your photos, using the presets, preparing photos for media publication or presentation. This way we want to give you a full, professional step-by-step guide to Postproduction in Dental Photography. 

If you want to see it all and become a Postproduction ninja, don’t hesitate any longer to visit our online training Postproduction Essence Collection.

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