Postproduction: How to Prepare Your Photos for Presentation?

Postproduction Presentations

New series Essence Collection: How to prepare your photos for Presentation?

Our expert, dentist Kris Chmielewski, has prepared a quick course about preparing your dental photos for a Keynote Presentation. Step by step, it is all explained!

These are some of the topics explored by Kris:

  • How to crop your photo in the Develop mode
  • How to use the presets to make importing your photos quicker
  • The best way to remove the spots and dirts
  • The 2 ways to export yor photo and explanation why one of them is way better
  • How to name your files to avoid the mess
  • Why the Output Sharpening is important for your photos’ quality
  • The last step of importing your photos into a Keynote presentation

This part of the Essence Collection will have seven lessons. The first one was focused on importing your photos, and the second one is all about the presets – with a surprise from us! 

If you want to see it all and become a Postproduction ninja, don’t hesitate any longer to visit our online training Postproduction Essence Collection.

There will be more lessons in our Postproduction Essence Collection. Stay tuned!

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