Professional Studio Photography: Online Ultimate Course!


How to use professional lights in dental digital photography? Take a look at our ready-to-use sets! Each lesson will show you various light set-ups that should be used in various needs. We’re not showing you the photo studio arrangement – we’re taking a step forward to give you pro tips and professional advice from the top photographer.

Follow our steps and prepare yourself and your dental photography business for an upgrade! We recommend this online course to all medium and advanced dental photography users.

Professional Studio Photography in practice

But first, why? Why should you sacrifice your time and money for professional pictures? Here are some examples:

    1. Use your dental intraoral photography skills to improve your company’s image
    2. Be able to stand out in social media
    3. You wouldn’t like to be left behind in the business, right?
    4. Completing the story of a case is professional and helps with the best possible diagnosis
    5. You can easily consult your work with other specialists or show it to the public!

We’re giving you 18 (!) episodes covering all the questions you may have about Professional Studio Photography.

  • Episode 1 – Introduction
  • Episode 2 – Backgrounds
  • Episode 3 – Collapsible Backgrounds
  • Episode 4 – Seamless Background Paper
  • Episode 5 – Type of light & Power of lighting
  • Episode 6 – Speedlight Flash System & Light Modifiers
  • Episode 7 – Monolights, Light Modifiers Part 1
  • Episode 8 – Monolights, Light Modifiers Part 2
  • Episode 9 – Parabolic Umbrella
  • Episode 10 – Softboxes
  • Episode 11 – Light Modifiers: Reflectors
  • Episode 12 – Compact Monolight Flashes
  • Episode 13 – Studio Light in Practice: Beauty Dish
  • Episode 14 – Studio Light in Practice: One Softbox
  • Episode 15 – Studio Light in Practice: Two Softboxes
  • Episode 16 – Studio Light in Practice: Octabox
  • Episode 17 – Studio Light in Practice: Octabox Part 2
  • Episode 18 – Studio Light in Practice: Parabolic Umbrella

Amazing studio, professional equipment and a pro – our new lessons are just perfect. Check out how to use modern equipment to get the most beautiful photographs! Take your time to learn and invest in your career.

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