Retractors in Dental Photography: Tips and Training


Retractors in Dental Digital Photography

We bet you know retractors from different applications in dental procedures. However, you will surely need them in your dental office for dental photo documentation. Without them, taking retracted intraoral pictures can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

The purpose of using retractors is always the same, but different shapes, sizes, and construction can help or disturb a comfortable photo session for both parties – patient and dental staff. In our Online Training, you will see how to place a retractor in the patient’s mouth in a comfortable way – our expert has some tips you can use here – because this comfort is crucial.

Retractors’ sizes and materials are also discussed. In various photoshoots, you can choose or prefer to use plastic or metal retractor. And, going further, depending on the type of photographs you take, you will need a single-sided or classic self-retracting retractor.

Also, you can expect some additional tips and tricks about retractors from our expert.

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