Sigma and Tamron are knocking Sony and Nikon out of the top 3 in the lens market!


If you’re looking for a dental photography lens to make your portrait and intraoral photos even better, it’s time to take some new players under consideration. Warning: you might be shocked!

For the longest time, Canon, Nikon and Sony were the kings of lenses and we, dental photographers, couldn’t imagine working in our dental offices without them. But things change! In the last few years Sigma and Tamron have not only released some seriously shout-worthy lenses, but they’re often a lot more affordable than first-party equivalents.

And while Canon stays on top of the sales rank, the second and third place are pretty surprising.

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From the latest Japanese data there is just 3.3% separating the top 5 market shareholders in the interchangeable lens market, with Canon in first place (17.1%), Sigma in second (16%), Tamron coming in third (15.1%) followed by Sony in fourth (14.2%) and finally Nikon in fifth (13.8%).

The results show that the interchangeable lens market is booming, that the popular manufacturers aren’t as powerful as they used to be and that a famous name doesn’t mean an obvious success.

And, what’s more, cameras with interchangeable lenses are gaining in popularity and this is living proof of the fact that smartphones aren’t enough. Especially in dental digital photography.

Check out what the Sigma’s CEO said about their new products!

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