Special Offer for Educational Resources


We hope you read our message, and you are healthy and safe in this challenging time for the whole world.
A large part of us is forced to significantly reduce professional activity or even suspend it. This is a completely new reality, which unintended effect is our “free” time. We can also use it for education.

The Dental Photo Master team uses the possibility of remote work and remains in full readiness and efficiency working on new lessons.
As a leader in online education regarding dental photography, we do not slow down and carry out development work and prepare several facilities that may interest you.

  • New free content on the site.
  • 60% discount on full access to our educational resources until the end of April.
  • Free webinar: Dental Photography From Theory to Practiceavailable now.


Remember that each of us has a real impact on the current situation. Let’s follow the COVID-19 epidemic prevention recommendations. Only united in these efforts can we win.


Kris Chmielewski

Educational Director Dental Photo Master

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