Login + Password

How do I change my password?

1. Log in to your account using LOGIN button.
2. Use the drop down menu next to your Username at the top right of the page and select ACCOUNT DETAILS.
3. Click EDIT button in LOG IN INFORMATION section to change your email address and password.
4. Use SAVE CHANGES button to save it.

Can I log into the Dental Photo Master from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

Yes, you can log into Dental Photo Master from any internet-connected computer. However, you can log into one computer at a time.

I forgot or never received my username and password. How can I get it?

To retrieve your username or password, please follow these steps:
1. Go to the Log in button.
2. Select Forgot Password.
3. Enter the email address associated with your Dental Photo Master account and click REQUEST RESET LINK.
4. You will receive an email with your username and instructions to reset your password. For security reasons, the link to reset your password will expire in 4 hours.

I can’t remember my username and email, what should I do?

If you have your paid account, recover your username by entering your email address. If you can’t remember your email address, contact Customer Service at info@dentalphotomaster.com or call +48601656273.

I submitted a request to reset my password, but I didn’t receive the email with instructions. What should I do?

Check your junk and spam folders for a message from info@dentalphotomaster.com