Surgical Photo Documentation

Surgical Photo Documentation

Surgical Photo Documentation shown during a real Dental Procedure!

Making a documentation of a dental surgery in practice: how should it be done? Dental photography includes many branches and types, but one of the most difficult is intraoral photo documentation during a dental procedure.

You need to take care of these three factors to make sure your documentation is complete and correct:

  • Combining the right tools, 
  • Work organization, 
  • Perfect timing and cooperation with an assistant can be a lot. 

That is why we’ve prepared a real-time dental surgery recording with all the details covered and questions answered. 

Why should you watch our online lesson about dental photography during surgery?

  • It is a real dental surgery with photo documentation. The surgery itself isn’t the most difficult, but it is the best opportunity to show the step by step documentation procedure 
  • You will see all the necessary tools and photo accessories used during the surgery 
  • Work organization: distribution of roles within the team depending on it’s number. You’re working alone or with one assistant only? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to make it efficient and professional
  • Taking photos during an operation: step by step. How to prepare your patient? How to take photos of every phase? Is the more the better true in that case?
  • Cooperation with Photo Assistant: How to work with an assistant during a dental surgery? Our tips to make your work effective and smooth. 

This course will show you, apart from taking dental photography documentation, the surgery itself step by step:

  • Injection, Guides, Incision, Cleaning – demonstration of each phase of surgery.
  • Drilling, Guides – demonstration of surgical photo documentation. 
  • Implant Placement – demonstration of surgical photo documentation.
  • Temporary Crown – demonstration of surgical photo documentation.
  • Temporary Crown Sutures – demonstration of surgical photo documentation.
  • Final Adjustments, Summary – the last phase of surgical photo documentation and our summary of our work

Watching our online lesson will, as we like to say, upgrade your dental photography to another level. And surgical photo documentation can be a part of it pretty soon!
Don’t wait register for free and watch the first episode for free!

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