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Dental Photography – Flash Fundamentals

As a dentist you will need artificial light coming from the flash each time you take a picture of your work. But there are many different types of flashes and we would like to show you all of them! We will also show you the right settings needed to achieve the best result. The best […]

Photography fundamentals Photography fundamentals

Dental Photography – Photography Fundamentals

How to Build a Strong Foundation For Your Dental Photography Practice? Watch our online class HERE, don’t wait any longer! As a dental photographer, you will need to master the technical basics of the camera. Dental Photography is a mixture of many elements, and each one of them is crucial for the final outcome. In […]

Adobe COVID 19 Adobe COVID 19

2 Months of Free Creative Cloud from Adobe: Is It True?

Among all the news regarding changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you may also see the one about a new, free option for Adobe Creavite Cloud users. Is it true? As you may read in various places, Adobe quickly responds to widespread school closures amid coronavirus pandemic by offering students free access to its Creative […]

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Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System: A new toy for dental photography

Dental photography with filters – why not? Omni Creative Filter System is a kit featuring a screw-on Filter Ring for existing lenses, as well as Effect Wands that magnetically attach to the ring in front of the lens. It is designed to give photo effects similar to app filters, but – what’s important for professionals […]