Canon RF Mount Canon RF Mount

Is the Possibility of Third-Party RF Mount Lenses Becoming a Reality in 2024?

Canon is well aware of the requests to see third-party lenses that are equipped with autofocus, like those made by Sigma or Tamron, on its mirrorless RF mount. And it looks like the company is taking these requests seriously! Third-Party Manufacturers Will Finally Offer RF Mount Lenses? Interestingly, in 2022 Canon was very strict about […]

Canpn EOS R5 Canpn EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 with two replacements in 2023?

Dental photographers, hold your breath. The latest sources are suggesting that we will see Canon EOS R5 Mark II in 2023, potentially alongside a new high-megapixel version of the EOS R5. The next version of the famous EOS R5 has been rumored for a while now. These rumors became even stronger when Canon released a […]

Godox Godox

The new Godox Ringflash, designed for close-up photography. Perfect for dental photographers?

As we all know, macro ringflash is indispensable in dental photographer’s work and we’re using it everyday in digital and intraoral dental photography. Check out more on dental photography flashes! Godox MF-R76S TTL Macro Ringflash So, it cheers us up that it looks like the Godox MF-R76S TTL lights up miniature worlds for Canon, Nikon […]


Canon confirms it once again: DSLRs aren’t dead!

DSLRs aren’t dead! You may expect it year after year but hold your horses. If we weren’t sure until now, now we are, because Canon says it without any doubt: DLSRs are alive and they’re fine and you can work with them as a dental photographer.  Canon still accounts for a third of the entire […]

Canon EOS R1 Canon EOS R1

It’s official. The EOS R1 will be Canon’s “most premium model”

Canon has officially confirmed that the Canon EOS R1 is in development – and that it “will be our most premium model.” As you may remember, the first rumors about the new model’s development were out in November 2021. Today Canon has confirmed, for the first time, that the model is actually in process! The […]

Speedlite EL-5 Speedlite EL-5

The Canon Speedlite EL-5 release date postponed due to production issues

Canon’s new speedlite – awaited also by dental photographers – has some problems on its way   Canon’ statement says: Regarding the “Speedlite EL-2022”, which was announced on November 11, 2 and scheduled to be released in March 2023, due to production reasons, we have decided to postpone the release to around the summer of […]

Meike 60mm Meike 60mm

Low Budget Dental Photography Lens for only $190! Is it worth buying?

Meike’s new APS-C mirrorless cameras 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens has just been announced. New, affordable lens for intraoral and portrait photography? Check out our cameras online lesson and Macro Lens guide – it will help you with the right choice for your dental photography set!       If you’re looking for a low budget […]

CanonEosR^ SQ CanonEosR^ SQ

Dental Photography Equipment: Firmware v1.1.1 for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is now available

Hello, dental photographers and Canon users! The manufacturer has just released new firmware for its Canon EOS R6 Mark II. The new firmware adds support for the Speedlight EL-5 and a few bug fixes. Here are the available fixes and changes: support for the Speedlite EL-5 shortened startup time when Bluetooth is enabled fixed a […]

Digital Workflow Digital Workflow

Dental Photography Post Production: Digital Workflow

Consistency is the key to success! Your post production is your signature. What is a digital workflow in dental photography? We’re working with hundreds of photos everyday and proper documentation is the best way to keep them in order. We don’t even want to think what can happen with photos kept in a digital mess! […]

Photography team at work Photography team at work

Canon EOS R8 ready? New camera to come in February!

It seems like Canon has big news to announce! The long-rumored Canon EOS R8 should finally see its debut in February, along with the new Canon RF-S 11-22mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM, a reimagining of the EF-M version for the manufacturer’s latest mirrorless mount. What will the R8 be like and will it be useful in […]

Photography team at work Photography team at work

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II May Debut in Mid-2023

Canon EOS R5 Mark II Debut Announced? As we know, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is set to begin shipping right before the end of 2022.  But there is some more exciting news for dental photographers! According to Canon Rumors, the Canon EOS R5 Mark II – successor to the hugely popular EOS R5 […]

Photography team at work Photography team at work

Canon discontinues one of the best Macro lenses ever!

It’s official! There will be no more the Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.5 1-5x Macro lens on the market. After 23 years Canon ends the production of one of the best and the coolest Macro lenses available. What was so special about this model? It’s 1:1 to 5:1 Magnification and 9.4″ Min Focus. These features let […]

Lips Photography Carlos Ayala Lips Photography Carlos Ayala

Dental Photography Giants: Carlos Ayala & Portrait with Speedlight

Great portraits with one good flash? We know how to do it! Taking portraits is our bread and butter! But improving our skills is also a part of our work and we love to share the knowledge. When it comes to working with the speedlight, Carlos Ayala is one of our best dental photography experts. […]

Laowa_Periprobe Laowa_Periprobe

The New Laowa PeriProbe Lens With a Rotating Front Optic: Good for Dental Photography?

Laowa PeriProbe Lens: Can it be used in Dental Photography? Venus Optics has just unveiled a new unique macro lens: the Laowa 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe. With the same features as the previous Laowa probe lens, it also provides a surprise: a 90-degree rotating periscope tip at the end!   Thanks to its long, narrow […]

Cano R&&R10 Cano R&&R10

Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10, the EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 90D replacement?

Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 As we predict – thanks to many trade rumors – Canon is about to announce the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10, two mirrorless models with APS-C sensors. But there’s more. Various sources say that these new models could be direct replacement for the Canon EOS 7D Mark […]

Photography fundamentals Photography fundamentals

Dental Photography – Photography Fundamentals

How to Build a Strong Foundation For Your Dental Photography Practice? Watch our online class HERE, don’t wait any longer! As a dental photographer, you will need to master the technical basics of the camera. Dental Photography is a mixture of many elements, and each one of them is crucial for the final outcome. In […]

Photography team at work Photography team at work

Venus Optics: The Smallest 2x Macro for Any Full Frame Camera is now available!

Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro for L-Mount Available for Any Full Frame What a news from Venus Optics! The Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO it launched last year for Nikon Z, Canon RF, Sony E, and Leica M mounts is being released for Leica L-Mount. This means we can purchase the Smallest […]


Digital Smile Design Photography: Our New Online Course!

Digital Smile Design: a new quality in taking care of a smile! DSD is a unique dental treatment planning tool that strengthens a dental provider’s diagnostic vision, enhances predictability, and improves communication between dental providers and their patients. A treatment plan is completely based on a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions. […]

canon2 canon2

Canon EOS R3: New Specs and Details Revealed!

Canon EOS R3: Features, Photos and Availability We’ve just informed you about the new EOS R3, top new class camera, and now we can show you even more! While Canon still has not revealed pricing or availability for the camera, it has published new information on how the camera can be expected to function. Moreover, […]

r5 web r5 web

Canon EOS R5 with IBIS Bug?

Canon EOS R5 produces blurry photos? Well, that’s unexpected! A Canon EOS R5 user has reported a replicable glitch that appears to be caused by using the camera’s in-body image stabilization which results in blurry photographs. The problem occured while shooting in a mode where in-body image stabilization (IBIS) is set to “always on.” What […]

Nikons-with-CFexpress-Compatibility_blog_HEADER Nikons-with-CFexpress-Compatibility_blog_HEADER

The Nikon D5, D850, and D500 With CFexpress Compatibility

Nikons with CFexpress Compatibility Almost two years after the original announcement from Nikon, the day has come: D5 firmware version 1.4, D850 firmware version 1.20, and D500 firmware version 1.3 are all available now and enable use of CFexpress Type B memory cards as well as XQD cards in the Nikon DSLRs.   CFexpress in dental […]

Nikon News Nikon News

Nikon Plans for 2021: What’s new for Dental Photographers?

Nikon to Release Two New DSLRs and Several F-Mount Lenses in 2021 Nikon Rumors is reporting that the company plans to release two new DSLRs in 2021 along with “several” F-mount lenses. It looks like the company has to offer dental photographers a lot this year. After all, dental digital photography requires a good equipment! […]

Laowa Laowa

Laowa 100mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro: Available in Pentax K and Stepless on Canon EF

Laowa 100mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro with New Mounts Venus Optics has announced that the 100mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro lens, originally announced in 2018, is now available for Canon EF with a stepless aperture ring and finally on Pentax K. The news comes months after giving the lens the Nikon Z and Canon RF’s mounts. […]

nikon z6 II nikon z6 II

Nikon Z6 II Available Now!

Nikon Z6 II: Where to buy it? Nikon has confirmed that stocks of the new camera have arrived and that it is ready for despatch! This means you can purchase your brand new Nikon now.  Nikon USA informed customers that the Nikon Z6 II will be shipping, as well as Amazon in UK. And if […]

studio2 studio2

Professional Studio in Your Dental Office: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Studio Light in Dental Office: New Online Training Professional portrait in your dental office? Yes, it’s possible and achievable and Dental Photo Master is here to help you. Our new course consists of 12 episodes to show you the best equipment, set-ups and possibilities you should use to become a dental portrait master. And there […]

Yongnuo Yongnuo

New Oval-Shaped Flash With Built-In Modeling Light from Yongnuo

Yongnuo YN650EX-RF, the Oval-Shaped Flash Yongnuo has announced a new flash – the YN650EX-RF –  that includes a built-in ring of LED lights around the main flash unit that can act as a modeling lamp. It is also in an unusual ovular shape. Yongnuo says that the YN650EX-RF is equipped with 24 LED lamp “beads” […]

nikonz5 nikonz5

You can Try the Full-Frame Nikon Z5 for 30 Days!

Nikon Z5 Trial: You Can Try It For Free! If you’re thinking about purchasing the Nikon Z 5 there’s a good idea for you! Nikon has reintroduced its Yellow Program, which allows US-based consumers to order the Z5 and, if not satisfied before a month is out, return the camera for their money back. As […]

z9 z9

Nikon Z9 Specs Leaked And We’re Impressed!

Nikon Z9 First Specs The first set of rumored specs of the Nikon Z9 has leaked! The flagship-level full-frame mirrorless camera will allegedly feature a 45MP sensor, 20fps continuous shooting, 8K video capability and more. The specs were published by Nikon Rumors. The so-called – we’re still not sure whether this name will stay –  […]

Retraktors Retraktors

Accessories for Dental Photography: Retractors

Accessories for Dental Photography: Retractors Time to deal with dental photography accessories, our everyday helpers. First up: retractors! You’re not sure if you’re interested? These are some of the topics explored  in this lesson: Why do retractors help dental photographers? How does a self-retractor work? Sizes and construction of the retractors Comparing plastic and metal […]

Color Laboratory 2 Color Laboratory 2

Color Transfer: Tools & Accessories

Color Transfer in Dental Photography Matching the color by a dental technician in the mouth of the patient is not often possible. How can we measure this color and transfer it to the lab successfully? Luckily, we’ve prepared our online training! These are some of the topics explored  in this lesson: What camera accessories are […]

Canon R6 Canon R6

Canon EOS R6: The Review

Canon EOS R6: The newest mid-range camera sets industry standards We bet you know Canon 5D quite well, famous of its gadgets and great resolution. Or maybe you are a fan of the Canon 6D, which is everything we need in most of the cases? It seems like Canon likes this path. Canon’s EOS R6 […]

Lab Work Photography Carlos Ayala Lab Work Photography Carlos Ayala

Lab Work Photography – with Carlos Ayala Paz

In Dental Photo Master we believe that the best quality comes from the best knowledge. That is why we are happy to invite worldwide known experts! One of them is Carlos Ayala Paz, who doesn’t even need to be introduced to our community. Carlos Ayala Paz on Lab Photography In this lesson, Carlos has shared […]

nikon3 nikon3

Nikon Registers New Camera. Is it the Z7s?

Are These Nikon Z7s Specs? Nikon has just registered a new camera overseas that could be the Nikon Z7S or Nikon Z6S, the refreshed versions of the existing Z7 and Z6 cameras. The new camera has some upgrades, including dual memory card slots, dual processors and 4K 60p video. Rumors about the Nikon Z7S and […] A New Cloud Platform from Canon what is it? With the new service, photographers can forward their work automatically from their camera to their computer, mobile device and supported services like Google Drive. The service is free to use and stores images on Canon’s own server. Every Canon user can register a Canon ID and then use the service […]

Photography team at work Photography team at work

Nikon D780: Should you upgrade from the D750?

The D750 was one of the most popular DSLRs and we are not surprised by it. But now, with the D780 already available, it is time to ask yourself: should I change my oldie? Improved Autofocus in D780 Maybe it is not the key feature and not everyone likes using it, but if you do, […]

Mitakon85mm Mitakon85mm

Mitakon 85mm 1x-5x Macro Lens Redesigned. No new mistakes?

Mitakon 85mm 1x-5x Macro Lens new & better version available This construction will stir the blood of extreme Macro lovers! When Mitakon has released its 85mm 1x-5x Macro Lens at the end of 2019, many photographers – with us among them – were excited to hear that the Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1x-5x lens will […]

848x566 848x566

Nikon D780 and its features for dental photographers

The new DSLR from Nikon will be available by the end of January. Nikon D780: Personalization possibilities Nikon introduces a DSLR with features and benefits that were only available for its Z-Series before. It also inherits some features the company’s professional D5 and D810 models. Therefore, Nikon is giving us a signal: the DSLR era […]

profoto_connect-button-free-trigger profoto_connect-button-free-trigger

This is Profoto Connect – The button-free trigger

This flash trigger is not only new. It is also unusual thanks to its button-free handling. “From time to time something comes along that changes everything, this is one of those rare occasions,” Profoto says. Is it really? Let’s take a closer look! Connect is a sleek, black, puck-like pod that sits on top of […]

Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together. Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together.

Canon’s fraternal fight: EOS R vs EOS RP

Canon has just released its full-frame mirrorless EOS RP camera for  $1299, and it’s the best moment to take a look at how it looks against the Canon EOS R. The two cameras actually have a lot of differences under the hood, in everything from autofocus to sensor characteristics. The EOS R comes out ahead […]

Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together. Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together.

Irix 150 mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 – a new special-purpose macro lens?

After delivering two very interesting wide-angle lenses, Irix is releasing a tele-macro model, which may be one of the most perfect designs intended for dental photography. The Irix 150 mm f /2.8 lens should meet the requirements of even the choosiest users dealing with macro photography. The manufacturer has announced that the lens contains premium […]

Nikon D850-2-Edit Nikon D850-2-Edit

Nikon D850 – is it the new benchmark for picture quality?

Nikon D850 is the next generation of the D800′ s line… When Nikon introduced the D800 and D800E, it set a new benchmark for DSLR image quality and super high-resolution photography that approached medium format. Now, five years later, Nikon proudly introduces the next evolution in high-resolution DSLRs, a camera that allows photographers to capture […]

Bazos2 Bazos2

Meet the Giant – Dr. Panos Bazos

Equipment for dental photography is not only the camera set. There are additional instruments like light modifiers, brackets, and others, which help in creating beautiful pictures and acquiring valuable information. Understanding light behavior gives the firm basis also in dental photography. Our special “Giant” Dr. Panaghiotis Bazos is more than the skilled and talented dentist. […]

Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together. Professional photographers with camera and laptop computer working at studio. Photographer with assistant sitting in office and looking at camera. Team of photographers working together.

Dental Photography Giants – Carlos Ayala

Get inspired by a real dental photography “Giant”, who influences thousands of dentists worldwide. Watch this exclusive interview with Carlos Ayala: Thousands of Dentists and Dental Technicians benefited from knowledge Carlos is sharing about Dental Photography. Already today, your learning may look completely different!!!     Now, you’ll be able to learn from Carlos Ayala, […]