Digital Workflow Digital Workflow

Dental Photography Post Production: Digital Workflow

Consistency is the key to success! Your post production is your signature. What is a digital workflow in dental photography? We’re working with hundreds of photos everyday and proper documentation is the best way to keep them in order. We don’t even want to think what can happen with photos kept in a digital mess! […]

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ImagenAI: Artificial Intelligence Will Edit Your Photos

ImagenAI New Editing App ImagenAI has announced its AI-powered photo editing desktop app for Adobe Lightroom workflows. Its artificial intelligence’s aim is to learn your personalized editing style. In your AI profile the app analyzes each image and predicts how you will edit and apply it in a matter of seconds. How should it be […]

SanDisk Extreme UHS SanDisk Extreme UHS

The most capacious microSD ever: SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 1TB microSDXC

The first 1TB microSD card The 1 terabyte SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC is already available and it costs $450. If you need less, feel free to choose the 512 GB version for $200. The 1TB capacity is its biggest value, but not the only one. Impressive speeds The monstrous card features read speed of up […]

Lexar Lexar

Memory monster! Lexar’s new 1TB card available

LEXAR 1TB – THIS CARD LOOKS IMPRESSIVE, AND WE DON’T MEAN JUST ITS CAPACITY. Bigger and bigger photos, video in 4K – these changes need new solutions, like fast cards with bigger capacities. But if safety is important for you as well, this new card will be your best friend.          LEXAR IS BACK ON […]


Playing with polarised photography

Reflective cross-polarisation gives interesting opportunities for clinician and dental technician to see the details in the tooth structure. Lastly, I had a patient with demanding color structure of the natural dentition. With help of the polar-eyes mounted on my Metz 15 MS-1 ring flash, I took few shots to see and check the hidden details in […]

NIKON D7100-067-Date NIKON D7100-067-Date

Digital Workflow – Part 1

Modern digital photography requires understanding and establishing so-called Digital Workflow. In simple words, it is the step by step process from setting the camera and taking a photo to the final result visible in your computer.