Polar_Eyes construction Polar_Eyes construction

Polar_Eyes: Special Lesson with Dr. Bazos!

Polar_Eyes Online Training We’re guessing there’s no need to introduce Dr. Panos Bazos, the founder & member of Bio-Emulation, as one of our best experts when it comes to Photography in Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. Among many subjects, we wanted to talk about the Polar Eyes system, Dr. Bazos’ area of expertise. This system is […]

Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography

Panos Bazos’ Lessons: Theory of Reflective Cross Polarised Photography

Dental Photography with Panos Bazos Dr Panos Bazos is one of our experts, especially when it comes to Reflective Cross Polarised Photography. In this lesson you will learn about: The very beginning of polarization, going back to ancient times The way the light propagates Key techniques of polarization The way it is used in medicine […]

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What type of equipment do you use?

What type of equipment do you use, is one of the most common questions, between the photographers. You can now watch my short discussion with Dr. Panos Bazos about the cameras, lenses, and flashes, which we are using in our daily work.   Interesting is, that at the end the most important is knowledge about […]


Playing with polarised photography

Reflective cross-polarisation gives interesting opportunities for clinician and dental technician to see the details in the tooth structure. Lastly, I had a patient with demanding color structure of the natural dentition. With help of the polar-eyes mounted on my Metz 15 MS-1 ring flash, I took few shots to see and check the hidden details in […]

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Meet the Giant – Dr. Panos Bazos

Equipment for dental photography is not only the camera set. There are additional instruments like light modifiers, brackets, and others, which help in creating beautiful pictures and acquiring valuable information. Understanding light behavior gives the firm basis also in dental photography. Our special “Giant” Dr. Panaghiotis Bazos is more than the skilled and talented dentist. […]