The new Godox Ringflash, designed for close-up photography. Perfect for dental photographers?


As we all know, macro ringflash is indispensable in dental photographer’s work and we’re using it everyday in digital and intraoral dental photography.

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Godox MF-R76S TTL Macro Ringflash

So, it cheers us up that it looks like the Godox MF-R76S TTL lights up miniature worlds for Canon, Nikon & Sony shooters! The newest addition is great when you need even lighting that the ring-shaped lens-mounted flash tubes provide.


The MF-R76S TTL will be available in three different versions to ensure TTL compatibility with Sony, Canon and Nikon system cameras. It has TTL metering and wireless control if using the Godox 2.4GHz X system. By using two tubes it is possible to light one side of the subject more than the other for better modeling, and control of shadows.

The units also offer advanced flash features such as second-curtain sync and high-speed sync (HSS). What does it mean in practice? Intraoral photography will be possible with shorter times and macro photos will be sharp even when there’s no image stabilization.

The new flash is selling for $289 and it’s about to hit the stores, although you might need to wait a bit longer for all versions.

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