The New Laowa PeriProbe Lens With a Rotating Front Optic: Good for Dental Photography?


Laowa PeriProbe Lens: Can it be used in Dental Photography?

Venus Optics has just unveiled a new unique macro lens: the Laowa 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe. With the same features as the previous Laowa probe lens, it also provides a surprise: a 90-degree rotating periscope tip at the end!


Thanks to its long, narrow tube, the PeriProbe can reach deep inside tiny holes or can be helpful in dental intraoral photography. Its periscope can “dive” into the mouth with a 360-degree rotation while keeping the majority of the camera out of the way. Can you imagine that?

Laowa_Periprobe_Cine_Lens_EF_6_ Laowa_Periprobe_Cine_Lens_EF_5

Laowa_Periprobe_Cine_Lens_EF_4 Laowa_Periprobe_Cine_Lens_EF_1


The PeriProbe lens comes with a 1/2-20-inch thread towards the end for attaching magic arms and extra lighting in order to illuminate tiny objects in the macro range.

The Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe lens is already available and it costs $2,299.

Is this the future of dental intraoral photography? It sure looks interesting, but will it be possible to use in our dental photography industry? As we all know, intraoral photography can be tricky with its narrow photo object!

In our opinion, the lens can be an interesting addition to your dental photography kit.


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