The Nikon Z9’s Selectable Shutter Sounds are Real!


You’d like to customize your shutter sounds when working with a patient? The Nikon’s Z9 will give it to you!
Nikon shared the selectable shutter sound during a live stream that it published to YouTube which was spotted by Nikon Rumors. There will be three sounds available: the standard Z9 click, a more DSLR-like click, and finally a shutter sound that is more akin to what has been heard from a Nikon film camera. The shutter sound volume can be adjusted between one and five — one being quiet, and five being the loudest.

Will the patient appreciate the real sound during a shoot? We’ll see. Rumor has it Nikon will consider adding other sounds, including fun ones such as the cat’s meow. If that doesn’t make your patient laugh, we don’t know what else will!

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