What type of equipment do you use?

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What type of equipment do you use, is one of the most common questions, between the photographers. You can now watch my short discussion with Dr. Panos Bazos about the cameras, lenses, and flashes, which we are using in our daily work.


Interesting is, that at the end the most important is knowledge about your equipment and also about the photography in general. If you know how to use it then it doesn’t matter if you have very expensive or regular equipment.

You can watch the new videos, about reflected cross-polarised and fluorescence photography.


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  1. Hello everybody! First of all its a great pleasure to join this great blog!
    My question is the following: what is best to get pure image quality on a budget: an old full frame body or a newer crop sensor one?

    Specifically, I was stolen of my old D7000 and have to buy a new body, which is a good opportunity to upgrade. At a price of roughly 700 euros nowadays I can get either a used D700 with approx. 50.000 shots or a new D7100. Which one would you suggest? From one side we have a legendary full frame body, very well built, with straight out of camera colours that every photography blogger says are still a landmark, especially for portraiture; on the other we have a much greater pixel density (twice the megapixels on a smaller sensor), no AA filter, a lighter and more transportable body with 2 card slots and overall a more modern package.

    So what should I privilege? more light or more detail?

    Again thank you very much for the great material!

    1. Kris Chmielewski says:

      Hi David, thank you for your question. The Nikon D700 was released in 2008 and its construction is five years older compared to Nikon D7100. From these two I would go with D7100. It’s a great camera for dental photography applications.

      1. Thank you very much Kris!